T-Systems Projects

ISY-DC Team has more than 20 successfully implemented projects for T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom AG). Some of them are listed below.

Merkur / Merkur4Nice

Merkur is an Asset Management System used by large Deutsche Telekom clients as Coca Cola, Lufthansa, etc. In order to provide Merkur functionality for the international market, Merkur was extended into Merkur4Nice – part of the T-Systems NICE project.

Dual Phone

The project is related to a new Deutsche Telekom hybrid product called Dual Phone - a device combining both Mobile (GSM) and Fixed line (ISDN) features provided as a combined result of two DT subsidiaries: T-Online and T-Mobile.


FASS automates the critical DT operational activities for the registration/treatment of illegally using of DT communications services (incl. phone cards, etc).


BIS PWC (Process Workflow Control) Framework contains functionality for automatic creation and management (show, modify, transform daily / weekly/ monthly, delete, etc.) of OLAP cubes for BI suite IBM Cognos.


PTBA (Projektierungstool BusinessAdvance) automates operational business activities of DT.


EAI-SIM is an innovative system used by T-Systems for designing/running of smart presentations. The EAI-Sim Application (ESA) is a framework that allows the creation of dynamic and impressive presentations of business process flow and process interoperation simulation.


OrkaWeb provides interface to the CONTES-ORKA database as well as to the legacy system functions. The system ensures access to the legacy system, extending its functionality (incl. new security concept, etc.).


The MetricsDB project included conception and implementation of a web-based solution for the acquisition, processing and evaluation of software metrics for the needs of Deutsche Telekom projects.