TBI Projects

DataCom has more than 25 successfully implemented projects for TBI Credit/Leasing/Bank. Some of them are listed below.


SmartCredit is an intelligent Risk Management system for consumer credits risk management. The system supports an innovative information model of consumer credit risk (CreditRiskModel) as well as an addaptive framework (CreditRiskFramework) allowing a flexible implementation of wide scope of risk management methodologies. The system includes both approaches for knowledge acquisition - inductive and deductive.


SmartInfoTBI is an integrated information system for management of overall business activities of TBI Credit.


PMC system enables TBI and his partners to manage anonymous and personalized prepaid cards using GUI and/or standard XML web service API. The system functionality covers all the activities regarding prepaid cards: issuing and distribution, financial and organizational management.


WorldPMC was initially developed for TBI Credit and after its purchase by Transact Europe it was enhanced and extended with new functionality incl. enhanced API used by many third party card distributer systems and by a new Front-End web application.

SmartInfo Interfaces

MasterCard (EuroNet), VISA (BankService), SCARDS (Sirma), Central Credit Register (BNB), Core Banking System (aBank) ePay, EasyPay, BPay (BankService), SWIFT (SGB).


The e-Commerce system is developed as an enhancement of a payment system facilitating electronic purchase transactions and targets highly customizable data driven calculation of fees and commissions for an acquiring bank, providing merchant services for card payment enablement.