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EAI-SIM is an innovative system used by T-Systems for designing/running of smart presentations. The EAI-Sim Application (ESA) is a framework that allows the creation of dynamic and impressive presentations of business process flow and process interoperation simulation.

The ESA consists of four main modules – SimBuilder, SimRuntimeEngine, SimWebApplication, and XML Import/Export.

1. SimBuilder (SimB)
SimB is a client/server application, used to define and prepare the presentations (one presentation is a pack of process simulations). This tool uses a database to organize and store the full information about all simulations and presentations. The SimB implements 2 main groups of functions:

  • creating the presentations (models, objects, scripts, simulations etc.)

  • generating a Presentation Site (PreS) - this procedure generates an ESA site including a pack of prepared simulations needed for a specific presentation. The PreS consists of HTML pages and specially designed p-code in JavaScript files.

2. SimRuntimeEngine (SimRE)
SimRE is a JavaScript based engine, used to interpret a generated PreS in the HTML browser. This, in fact, is not a tool, but a library of functions, written in JavaScript programming language, used to create the ‘dynamic run’ object. They use DHTML and the p-code, generated in the PreS by the SimBuilder for each of the simulations and ‘run’ the presentation in the ESA SimWebApplication.

3. SimWebApplication (SimWA)
SimWA is the tool that the end-user uses to demonstrate the EAI. It is a Web Application that runs in a HTML browser and uses a prepared by SimBuilder presentation site. The SimWA displays the presentation in several frames, presenting the user a ControlToolbox to choose, start, stop or run step-by-step each of the simulations, included in the PreS.

4. XML Import/Export – provides XML interface to external systems

Platform Windows NT/UNIX, SQL Server, C/C++, DHTML, XML, XSL
Client T-Systems
Partner T-Systems

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