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About us

ISY Intellect Ltd and Datacom Ltd are completely independent private companies in the field of Information Technologies (IT). Both companies established the ISY Intellect/DataCom (ISY-DC) Team.

Providing Flexible Solutions

The Team provides cost-effective and comprehensive IT solutions based on open system standards. The implementation of industrial standards enables a high degree of hardware and software independence. This independence allows us to provide “best-in-class” solutions.

In order to achieve the main clients goals, as well as to cover their specific requirements, we are using a flexible approach, that allows us to provide high quality development and consultancy resources for each project.

As an independent software house ISY-DC takes on responsibility for your entire software project. We will take your project from analysis through specification, development, testing and deployment including comprehensive training and documentation.

We provide software consultancy at all stages of the project lifecycle, from feasibility studies, project set-up, staff training, analysis, architecture and design through project audits and verification.

How We Work

The front-end stage, which may include requirement analysis, on-site design, and the development of technical structure, is done jointly by ISY-DC representatives and a project manager through interaction with the customer and end users. The implementation stage is performed offshore.

Why Outsource Offshore

Offshore outsourcing is an opportunity to save on professional charges, recruitment and training of new staff, office space rental and service, hardware and software purchase, upgrades and maintenance. Working through our model allows our clients tremendous flexibility in tapping a great resource of qualified developers only when they are needed for a particular project.

Project Methodology

ISY-DC' project methodology is based on the consonance of technical activities, project control and quality anagement.

Offshore Methodology

There are 3 major methods of delivering offshore services: contractors on-site; only project manager onsite; and full offshore development. Under the latter method, the vendor's objective is to perform as much analysis, design and development work as possible offshore in a low-cost location.

Using this model, ISY-DC maximizes cost savings and minimizes potential organizational disruptions.

Languages in use: English, German, France, Spanish and Russian.

ISO 9001 certification

Our Team is ISO 9001:2008 certified by DEKRA.

Company Philosophy

ISY-DC has an open door philosophy. All employees at all levels can approach any manager if they feel that an issue needs to be raised, or a concern needs to be voiced.

Our team and their expertise are our biggest assets and we focus on a team-driven, quality oriented work culture, encouraging innovation and creativity.

At our Team, we believe that responsibility is the basis for positive action, not only in business but also with regard to society as a whole. When we provide a tailor-made solution for our clients, we are actually laying foundation for a unique relationship with them, based on customer satisfaction and quality of after-service support.

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